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Hot Shots 2003s

12/12/03 - Martins Run - Building fire- At 9:00 a.m. the BFC was dispatched to Martins Run for a fire alarm, Marple Police went on location reporting a working fire in one of the units. This automatically sent Company 41 (Newtown Square) along with us for that time of day and area. The fire was contained to the heater area and was quickly knocked down, which had created a heavy smoke condition. Crews from Company 53 and 41 remained on scene to ventilate the building. Photos

11/27/03 -St. Francis Drive- Accident with entrapment- Around 1:30 a.m., Marple Township Ambulance was dispatched for an accident on St. Francis Drive. Within minutes of receiving the call, Marple Police went on location requesting to expedite the fire company for entrapment. The crew from Rescue 53 extricated the victim with the crew from 53-2 assisting in stabilization and leak control. The patient was flown via PennStar, with Tele-Squrt 53 handling the landing zone. Photos

11/21-03 - HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College) Structural Burn- Seven members of the BFC traveled up to Harrisburg for a structural burn training class, taught by retired FDNY firefighter Jim Johnson. Saturday was a 'back to the basics' session and Sunday being the burn day. It gave the younger members a chance to get some experience and feel the heat, and also worked as a refresher for the more seasoned guys. It was a very intense burn, but in the end paid off. "You were put in HACC me!" Photos

11/18/03 - DCCC Main Campus-Accident with entrapment- At approximately 18:35 Company 53, Medic 53 and Ambulance 41 were dispatched to the Delaware County Community College for a report of an overturned vehicle with entrapment. Just before the arrival of Rescue 53, 53-9A went on location confirming a vehicle on its side with one victim trapped. Crews from the Rescue and Engine 53-2 stabilized the vehicle, cut the roof, flapped it down and extricated the driver. The patient was flown via PennStar, with Tele-Squrt 53 handling the LZ. Photos

10/18/03 - Union Fire Association- Parade- The Broomall Fire Company participated in the Centennial Parade and Housing for the Union Fire Association. We took home 1st place for Tele-Squrt 53, Rescue 53, and Snorkel 53. The BFC Honor Guard took 1st place in the Color Guard category, 53-3A took 2nd place and we received overall Best Appearing Company. We extend our thanks and wish the best of luck to the Union Fire Association. Photos

10/11/03 - Cardinal O'Hara High School Annual Bon Fire- Photos

10/2/03 - Lorraine Dr - Working Basement Fire - Company 53 along with Quint 73 were dispatched to Lorraine Dr for a dwelling around 0715. Police went on location with heavy smoke showing. Fire was originally located in the basement and made it's way up to the first floor. Tele-Squrt 53 went in service with an 1"1/2 line while 53-2 laid 1200' of 5" supply line into the scene. A quick knock was made of the fire on the first floor and then the crew was diverted to the basement to find the seat of the fire. Fire was place under control within 1 hour. Crews from Tele-Squrt 53, 53-2, Rescue 53, Snorkel 53, 53-3A, Quint 73, Rescue 73, 44-1, 53-7, Medic 53, and 56-7 all operated at the scene. Photos

9/27/03 - Marcus Hook- 124th Annual Pennsylvania State Firemen's Convention Parade- Marcus Hook hosted the Pennsylvania State Convention this year, which included the traditional parade competition. Companies from all over the state of PA came to this, making it an especially difficult parade. The Broomall Fire Company spent countless weeks preparing for this event, and in the end it paid off. We took home 2nd place for Rescue 53, 53-3A, 53-2, 53-8A, and Tele-Squrt 53. We also defended our 1st Place trophy for Snorkel 53, second year in a row. Not only did our apparatus appear in the parade, but our entire company marched. The Broomall Fire Company Honor Guard led the precession, followed by pipes and drums, then about 25 of our members marching. Photos

9/25/03 - Marple and Sproul- Accident with Overturned Vehicle- A little after 16:30 the Broomall Fire Company was dispatched for an accident with entrapment. MTPD went on location reporting a vehicle on its roof, negative on entrapment. The crew from Rescue 53 secured the leaking fluids. Photos

9/19/03 - Media Bypass at I-476- Around 19:00 Company 53 and Company 44 were dispatched the Media Bypass for an accident with entrapment. 53-9A went on location reporting a Chevy Avalanche on its side with no entrapment and another vehicle with one injury, no entrapment. Crews from Rescue 53 and 53-2 secured the battery and leaking fluids from both vehicles. Photos

9/06/03 - Rose Tree Park- Delaware County Firemen's Competition- It was a long day for the Broomall Fire Company, where at Rose Tree Park they joined the rest of Delaware County to compete for "The Delco Cup". It was organized by the DCFEA (Delaware County Fire and EMS Association) to raise money for a Firefighter Memorial in Rose Tree Park. It was a fun filled day, and after many days of practicing, we took home not only the ultimate trophy, "The Delco Cup", but many other trophies as well. Pictures Courtesy of Brian Feeny of Feeny Fire Films. Photos

9/2/03 - 700 Block of Sproul Rd. - Accident: Oil Tanker vs. Vehicle - At approximately 12:30 on Company, Ambulance, and Medic 53 were dispatched for an accident involving an oil tanker and a car. Responding units were immediately notified that the oil tanker had rollover and was leaking fuel oil onto the highway. 53-9 had Car 6 and county hazmat teams dispatched to the scene. The vehicle had been completely rolled over by the tanker. Units remained on the scene till 17:00 when the tanker was emptied by the county hazmat teams. Photos

9/1/03 - Stratford Ave. - Vehicle Fire - Company 53 was dispatched to Stratford Ave. for a vehicle, 53-13A reported an engine compartment well-involved. Crews from 53-2 and 53-3 made a quick knock down of the fire. Photos

8/31/03 -I-476 Southbound and Media Bypass Accident with Entrapment - Company, ambulance and medic 53 along with company and ambulance 44 and medic 106 were dispatched to the Blue Route southbound at the Media Bypass for an accident with entrapment. 44-9B arrived on location and reported one trapped. Rescue 53 and Tac 44 stabilized the vehicle and extricated the patient.

8/18/03 -I-476 Northbound and Southbound- Accident and Vehicle Fire- Co. 53, Co. 15 (Radnor), Ambulance and Medic 53 we're dispatched to I-476 NB MM 13 for an accident reported to be serious. Ambulance and Medic 53 were first on scene immediately requesting PennStar flight to medevac the patient out. Two crew members from 15-1 and two crew members from Rescue 53 handled the landing zone while the rest of the crews from Rescue 53, 53-2 and Rescue 15 shut down the highway and began cleaning up the leaking fluids from the vehicle. While in route back to the station, the driver of 53-2 (53-9) saw smoke coming from a pulled over truck. As he saw it fireboard advised him of a reported vehicle fire at that location. The crew from 53-2 handled the small engine compartment fire. It was a busy day for the BFC totaling 8 calls by the end of the night.

8/16/03 - Parade in Williamstown, New Jersey-The Broomall Fire Company traveled down to Williamstown, NJ where a parade competition was held for the housing of their new truck and dedication of their new building. The BFC has spent countless hours and days preparing for this event, and it showed off in the end. We took home 7 out of the 8 trophies we were eligible for. 1st place for Squrt/Snorkel category, 1st for Engine (11-15 years old), 1st for command vehicle, Special Judges Award for the Broomall Fire Company Honor Guard, 2nd place antique, longest distance award and the highly coveted Best Appearing Company award. It was a great time had by all, we extend our thanks and best of luck to the Williamstown Fire Company.

8/12/03 - Combined Commercial Building Search Drill with Co. 44- On Tuesday night August 12, the Broomall Fire Company and the Springfield Fire Company teamed up to do a large commercial building search underneath the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center, which is actually just one giant unintentional maze. We we're using a technique that was taught to us by Chief Skip Coleman of the Toledo Fire Department.

7/17/03 - Rappelling at Station 53- Under the command of Lt. Rick Schmidt, several members of Company 53 were taught how to set up the ropes and riggings to do safe rappel, in an attempt to make some of us more comfortable and expand our knowledge with our ropes, knots, etc. These are all used in conjunction with our ladder belts, which are mandatory when riding Snorkel 53.

7/15/03 - Hedgerow Dr- 2nd Alarm Building Fire - At 5:30 a.m., the tones dropped for a building fire, two minutes later the tones we're dropped again reporting a working house fire. 53-9A went on location confirming this, while Tele-Squrt 53 came in laying a line to the nearest hydrant. Crews went in service to try and knockdown the bulk of the fire, while the rest of the fleet rolled in. After about 10 minutes, 53-9A called for a second alarm, bringing in Newtown Square Co. 41, Swarthmore Co. 14 (RIT) and Bon Air Co.58. The cause is under investigation. Other units on scene: Ambulance and Medic 53 and Marple Township Police.

6/16/03 - Old Cedar Grove Rd-Working Building Fire - At approximately 4:30 a.m. Company 53 was dispatched to the area of Old Cedar Grove Rd for a possible building fire. 53-9 went on location reporting an unoccupied fully involved dwelling, since the building was completely engulfed in flames, it was obvious from the start that this would be a completely exterior operation. or what we call a "surround and drown". Tele-squrt 53 and Snorkel 53 were both up and flowing water, while numerous hand lines and blitz lines were in service. Crews remained on scene until 7:30, the cause is under investigation.

6/11/03 - I-476 Northbound- Accident- At around 1:45 a.m., BFC was dispatched to an accident on the Blue Route, Marple Police were on location reporting a severely wrecked vehicle. A tractor trailer had run over the back of the smaller vehicle, as it was in his blind spot. Miraculously, there were no injuries.

6/6/03 - Lawrence and Woodside- Vehicle Fire- At approximately 16:10, fireboard dispatched us to a vehicle fire at Lawrence and Woodside, Police were on location reporting a fully involved pickup truck with attached trailer.

5/29/03 - S. Sproul Rd- Building Fire- Company 53 was dispatched to a building fire, report of an odor of smoke in the complex. After checking the building numerous times, including the roof, using our thermal imagers, it was determined that there was no odor and no fire.

5/27/03 - S. Sproul Rd- Accident with possible fire- The BFC was dispatched to a vehicle fire resulting from a two vehicle accident, upon arrival it was determined that it had been steam from the radiator. At the determination of Medic 53, the patient was to be transported via helicopter. Rescue 53 established the Landing Zone while 53-3 handled the rest of the accident.

5/18/03 - Welcome Home Troops Parade - Congressman Curt Weldon (R Pennsylvania) hosted a parade in honor of our troops overseas. Fire Companies from all over Delaware County attended, including police, marching units, VFW's and many more.

5/17/03 - Marple Township Ambulance Corps EMS day- Marple Ambulance hosted an EMS in effort to educate the public of what the emergency services do. The Broomall Fire Company worked with MTAC in a vehicle rescue demonstration, PennStar Flight landed and K9-SAR (Dog team Search and Rescue) had a demonstration.

4/15/03 - Landing Zone- Loomis Elementary School - The Broomall Fire Company and Marple Ambulance Corps. were dispatched for a residential rescue on Westbourne Dr. The subject had been working on his boat when the support failed and he became trapped underneath the boat. The patient was quickly extricated and brought to Loomis Elementary School to be flown by PennStar.

4/13/03 - Westbourne and Parkway- Bus Accident- At 14:44, Company 53 was dispatched to an accident involving a bus, prior knowledge via Marple PD told us that it was a bus with no occupants and it was only leaking fuel. The bus apparently rolled back onto the embankment and into trees when the parking break was not properly set.. The exact cause is under investigation by Septa Transit police.

4/4/03 - RIT - Park Ave, Swarthmore - Company 14(Swarthmore), 13(Rutledge), 11(Morton), and 44 were dispatched for a dwelling fire. Police were on location with heavy smoke showing. Swarthmore Command reported a working apartment fire and called for the Rapid Intervention Team from Company 53. Pictures courtesy of Springfield Fire Company,

3/22/03 - Landing Zone - Malin Rd and West Chester Pike - Company 53 was dispatched to assist the ambulance with a landing zone across the street from the firehouse. Medevac 3 was the helicopter, and flew one patient from a serious car accident in the area.

3/4/03 - Working Structure Fire - Martens Ln. - At 17:35, Company 53, along with Springfield Company 44, were dispatched to building fire. Upon arrival of Marple Police and Rescue 44, heavy fire was showing from Side D of the Dwelling. TAC 44 and Engine 44-1 arrived on scene and went into service with 2 - 1 3/4" hose lines. Chief 53-9 established Martens Lane Command. Crews from Company 44 made the initial fire attack inside, with a crew from Telesqurt 53 following right after, meanwhile firefighters from both companies started ventilation on the roof and on Side D. Firefighters had heavy fire conditions in the kitchen and garage area of the home. Company 53 and 44 made a quick knockdown of the fire, with extensive overhaul afterwards. Firefighters remained on the scene until 20:30 hours.

2/19/03 - Accident - I-476 Northbound - Company, Ambulance and Medic 53 were dispatched to an accident on the Blue Route just past West Chester Pike. Upon arrival there was a vehicle was found in the wall, with one occupant. At the determination from Medic 53 and 53-11B PennStar was brought in to fly the patient to the hospital.

2/9/03 - Working House Fire - Harvest Ln. - Numerous calls were taken by Fireboard of a house fire. Company 53 was dispatched to a working house fire. On arrival 53-9 had a garage fully involved and fire showing from the second floor. All companies in service with 2 1.5-inch lines and 2 3-inch lines. Firefighters were evacuated from the second floor bedroom due to a possible floor collapse. South Media (Co. 51) covered Station 53.

2/7/03 - 2nd Alarm House Fire - Crestview - 53-9 went on location with heavy fire showing from an attached garage. Crews from Tele-Squrt 53 stretched a 3 inch line towards the garage and an 1.5 inch line to the second floor bedroom. Within minutes of arrival the garage roof collapsed. A second alarm was ordered by 53-9 which brought in full company 73(Rose Tree). Water shuttles were in service since there were no hydrants within 3500 feet.

1/30/03 - Working House Fire - Valley View Lane - Tele-Squrt 53 and Snorkel 53 assisted Company 41, on arrival a working fire was confirmed. All occupants were out of the house. Crews from 53 and 41 stretched a line into the kitchen and ventilated the second floor. Fire was knocked down quickly. Rescue 58 was called in as the air bank and Snorkel 23 for RIT.

1/19/03 - Accident Vehicle into a Ditch - Cedar Grove Road - Vehicle failed to negotiate a turn on Cedar Grove Road and slid off the side of the road. Upon Company 53's arrival occupant had self extricated themselves.

1/09/03- Accident with entrapment -Media Bypass- Manoa Ambulance Captain notified fireboard/dispatch of an accident with entrapment in Marple Township on the Media Bypass. Crews from Rescue 53 and 53-3 stabilized and extricated two victims from separate vehicles.

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