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Hot Shots 2004s

11/10/04 - Paxon Hollow Rd and Worthington Dr - Accident - Upon the arrival of 53-9A there was a large brush fire started from the wires being down. Ambulance and Medic 53 treated one patient and transported, while Rescue 53 and 53-2 stabilized the scene and awaited the arrival of PECO. Photos

10/20/04 - 2800 Block of West Chester Pike - Accident with entrapment- Ambulance and Medic 53 were originally dispatched for an accident, one with chest pains. Upon their arrival they found one subject trapped, and the assignment was upgraded to entrapment. Company 53 responded with 53-3(acting Rescue 53) and 53-2. The patient was quickly extricated and transported to CCMC by EMS Photos

9/2/04 - Rt. 252 and Palmers Mill Rd - Accident with entrapment- Company, Ambulance, and Medic 53 were dispatched to overturned vehicle with entrapment. 53-9B(Bill Maguire) reported a vehicle overturned with one subject trapped. 53-9B established 252 Command operating with Rescue 53 and 53-2. Tele-Squrt 53 established a landing zone for Penn Star II and DCCC. Extrication was complete within twenty minutes and the patient was transported to the landing zone by 53-7A, with Medic 53 and 104B on board. Photos

9/2/04 - I-476 Southbound MM 11.9 - Accident - Company 15, Ambulance 15, Company, 53, Ambulance 53, Medics 109 and 53 were dispatched to a reported accident with entrapment on the highway with numerous calls. Arriving units found a tractor trailer off the roadway with the cab section overturned. All subjects were out. Rescue 53 and 53-2 pulled an 1.5 inch to protect the leaking fuel from the cab. The tractor trailer was carrying a race car, and there was racing fuel on board. The trailer was thoroughly examined and no problems were found. Photos

9/1/04- 700 block of Timbertrail Lane - Dwelling - Company 44 was originally dispatched for a vehicle fire. 44-9(Robert Woolson) arrived with a vehicle fire next to the dwelling and upgraded the call to a building fire. Company 53 and Rescue 23(RIT) were dispatched to the scene. Crews from 44-4 and 44-2 extinguished the vehicle fire and took a hydrant while crews from Snorkel 53 and 53-2 ventilated the dwelling and opened up the outside that had been on fire. Photos courtesy of Springfield Fire Co. Photos

8/24/04 - Crum Creek Rd and Windbrook Rd- Accident with Entrapment - Company 53, Ambulance and Medic 53 were dispatched to the accident scene. 53-11A(Chris Karr) reported a head on collision with one subject trapped. Crews from Rescue 53 and 53-2 removed the drivers door of the vehicle so the patient could be extricated. Pt. was transported to the landing zone by 53-7A and Medic 53 where they rendezvoused with PennStar II. Photos

8/13/04 - 400 S. State Rd - Accident with Entrapment - 14-9(Chris Hansen) witnessed an accident in front of the Marple Crossroads Shopping Center, 400 S. State Rd. After checking for injuries he notified fireboard of the accident with entrapment. Company, Ambulance and Medic 53 were dispatched to the accident. 53-11(Bill Downey) went on location reporting a dump truck versus a car, with one trapped in the car. Crews from Rescue 53, 53-2, and Rescue 44 worked to quickly extricate the driver. Photos

6/16-->6/23/04 - Marple, England - Company 53 members traveled to Marple, England to visit the "original" Marple from which Marple Twp., PA was originally founded. Members participated in the towns annual carnival and also trained with the local fire department. Presentations were made to the Greater Manchester Fire Brigade and the Stockport Mayor. Thank you to Tony Hurley and his family and the Greater Manchester Fire Brigade for their support of the Broomall Fire Company's visit to Marple, England. Photos

6/10/04 - 333 S. Newtown Street Rd - Building Fire- Company 53, along with Company 23(RIT), were dispatched to assisted Company 41 at the Sunrise Assisted Living for a building fire. Crews assisted with ventilation and evacuation of the building. The source was found by crews on the roof and was determined to be a fan belt in a HVAC unit. Photos

5/29/04 -Oxford 250th Anniversary - Firefighters and officers from the Broomall Fire Company traveled out to Oxford, PA to celebrate the town's 250th anniversary. The company from three apparatus: 53-2, 53-3A, and 53-8A. All of three apparatus one first place in their respective categories. Photos

5/27/04 - Deerpath Lane - Working Fire - Company and Ambulance 53, Company 73, and Company 14(RIT) were dispatched for a dwelling, moments later Asst.. Fire Marshall Jim Capuzzi was on location reporting a working fire. The companies were redispatched. Tele-Squrt 53 laid into the scene with Snorkel 53 and Quint 73 assisting. Crews encountered heavy fire conditions in the garage and attic of the structure. Tele-Squrt 53's aerial was put in service to attack the well involved garage area. All family members were out of the house prior to the companies arrival, and the family cat was located after the fire was under control. The cat appeared to have no injuries. Photos

5/12/04 - I476 Southbound @ Rt. 1 - Vehicle Fire - Companies 53 and 44 were dispatched to the Blue Route in the area of the Media Bypass for a vehicle fire. Arriving units found a vehicle fully involved on the I476 Southbound off-ramp. Tac 44 and 53-2 made a quick knock of the fire after traffic had been safely redirected. Photos

2/22/04 - 2882 Highland Ave. - Working Fire - Company and ambulance 53 were dispatched to the above address and were immediately notified that the call was a working fire. 53-9A(Murray) went on location with smoke showing from the second floor. Telesqurt 53 made a quick knock of the fire while Snorkel 53 assist with ventilation. Photos

2/13/04 - Sproul Rd at Staples- Assist Co. 44 at an accident with entrapment- At approximately 12:40 p.m., Company 53 was called to assist the Springfield Fire Company with a motor vehicle accident with entrapment in front of Springfield Shopping Center. Working hand in hand with Co. 44, the crew from Rescue 53 cut the roof off and secured the battery while crews from TAC 44 completed the extrication of the single trapped occupant. Photos

1/13/04 - Old Marple Rd - Accident with entrapment- Just 5 minutes to 8, the BFC, Ambulance and Medic 53 were called upon once again for a reported overturned vehicle with entrapment. 53-9 went on location confirming a single vehicle on its side with one subject trapped. Crews from Rescue 53 and Engine 53-3 stabilized and cut the roof down, gaining access to the patient, whom was then transported via 53-7. Photos

1/12/04 - Veterans Park: Lawrence Rd- Accident with entrapment- At about 20 minutes after midnight, Ambulance 53 was dispatched for an accident reported overturned vehicle. Within seconds MTPD went on location reporting a vehicle on its roof, subject trapped, with a large fuel spill surrounding the vehicle. Rescue 53's crew pulled the bumper line as a precautionary, and along with the crew from Engine 53-2, helped control the leaking fuel. MTPD, Ambulance & Medic 53, and crew members from Rescue 53 rapidly extricated the patient, who was flown via PennStar. The vehicle appeared to be traveling at high speeds, hit a guardrail which flipped the vehicle over, sending it 120 feet on its roof into a stone wall. Photos

1/9/04 - Martins Run - Building fire - At approximately 0447 a.m. Company 53 was alerted for a fire alarm at Martins run, within a minute police were on location reporting a working fire. The fire had originated at the heating unit and was quickly controlled by the sprinkler system. Marple police advised the incoming ambulance of one burn victim, who was extricated from the fire room by MTPD. 53-9 advised incoming apparatus to prepare for search and rescue, due to smoke conditions, the rest of the patients had to be removed from that particular wing. Crews remained on scene until around 0700, performing salvage and overhaul. Photos

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