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Hot Shots 2005s

10/30/05 - I-476 - Company 53 along with company 15 respond to a vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer. The trailer was not carrying any fuel. Tanker was empty. Trailer had to be hoisted up so that vehicle could be removed. Photos

10/23/05 - Sproul & Old Marple Road - Company 53 along with Marple Township Ambulance Corp & Springfield Ambulance respond to three car vehicle accident with minor entrapment. Crew from Rescue53 stabilized and removed passenger rear door from one vehicle so patient could be removed. One patient transported via Penn Star helicopter to Of P. Other patients transported via ground to local hospitals. Photos

10/05/05 - Glen Circle & Lovell - Company 53 along with Newtown Square & Springfield fire companies respond to house fire. Most of the fire was exterior from the home. Photos

09/16/05 - I-476 - Broomall Fire Company & Radnor Fire Company respond to fuel spill on Blue Route. Tractor trailer had punctures fuel tank from debris from highway. Both companies went into service to contain spill. Photos

08/17/05 - Davis Avenue & Franklin - Rescue 53 & 53-2 responded to a two vehicle accident with entrapment in one vehicle. Crew from Rescue 53 stabilized vehicle and went to work with jaws & cutter to remove door from drivers side of vehicle. Patients transported by MTAC to hospital. Photos

06/30/05 - West Chester Pike & Church Lane - Rescue53 & 53-2 responded to vehicle accident. One SUV into street light pole. Crew from Rescue53 popped drivers door open with Holmatro spreader. Patient transported by MTAC to hospital. Photos

05/07/05- Malin Road & West Chester Pike - Broomall Fire Company establishes landing zone for MTAC 53 for fall victim. PennStar II lands at old Marple school baseball field across the street from the Broomall Fire Company. Photos

02/20/05 - Lawrence Rd and Sussex Blvd - St Pius X Church Fire, Arrival of 53-9 & 53-9A reported fire showing side B from basement window. Full company response from 53 and company 14 for the RIT team. 53-1 on location and went into service with 1 1/2 line. Crew from 53-2 pulled 2nd 1 1/2 line from 53-1 to help fire attack. 53-9A requested 53-9 to call for second alarm. Manoa in Havertown was dispatched for 2nd alarm. Other crews from company 53 & Manoa provided ventilation and overhaul. Ambulance and Medic 53 on location to provide rehab for firefighters. Photos

02/16/05 - Concord Road - House fire - Marple police department and 53-9A on location with no fire showing. 53-9A made an attempt to rescue elderly man reported to be in 2nd floor bedroom. 53-9A entering the structure and preceded to 2nd floor where conditions were to bad to make the attempt for rescue. Upon 53-9A backing out of structure, 53-1 on location who went into service with 1 1/2 line for fire attack and rescue. Firefighters made there way to 2nd floor where conditions were really bad. They made there way down the hallway to attack the fire. Victim was found and pronounced deceased by Medic 53. Crew from 53-1 extinguished the fire. Crew from 53-3 also performed search on 2nd floor of structure. Photos

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