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Hot Shots 2006s

12-20-2006 - N. Central Blvd - Single family dwelling fire in early morning hours takes a life of Broomall resident. Broomall Fire Company responded to a fully involved building fire. First engine on location crew made initial attack while the other part of crew proceeded into rear of building through basement and worked their way to kitchen area where they found a trapped victim. Firefighters pulled victim from the building, where Marple Township EMS/Paramedic were standing by. The victim was pronounced deceased on the scene. Manoa & Swarthmore fire companies assisted Broomall in fire attack. © 2006 - Aerial photos are provided by WPVI-6, Philadelphia,PA. Photos

07-10-06 - 2200 West Chester Pike - Building fire around 2:00 AM. Second assistant chief from Broomall Fire Company on location to confirm multiple stores on fire at strip mall. Requested ladder out of Brookline then requested 2nd alarm before the first engine hit the street. Fire went to four alarms with help from Haverford task force, Brookline, Newtown Square, Radnor & Springfield fire companies to assist the Broomall Fire Company. Companies picked up around 10:30 AM. Members from Broomall Fire Company were back on location four times to put out some hot spots. Firefighters attempted to make an offensive attack but conditions went bad really fast. Chief from BFC requested everyone out of the building for an defensive attack. © 2006 - These photos are provided by Frank Wesnoski Photos

05/09/06 -Delaware County Community College, Route 252 - One vehicle accident. Mini-van runs into DCCC sign. Crew from Rescue53 work on stabilization of vehicle to assist in removing patient. Medic requested PennStar Helicopter to transport patient to trauma center. Photos

04/27/06 - 2700 Springfield Road - One vehicle accident into tree. Crews from Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 assist EMS with patient care & removal from vehicle. Engine 53-3 dispatched to Russell school for landing zone. PennStar transported patient to trauma center. Photos

03/07/06 - S. Sproul Road in front of Cardinal O'Hara school - Crew from Rescue53 used JAWS of life to extricate victim from vehicle. Photos

03/06/06 - Cedar Grove & Parke Lane - Worker stuck in tree at Kent Park. Broomall Fire Company assist in getting him down. Photos

Interstate 476 North Bound ramp at West Chester Pike. Company 53 dispatched for fuel spill on highway after accident. MTAC transported one to hospital. Crew from Rescue53 cleared ramp from debris. Photos

02/03/06 - 1200 West Chester Pike & I 476 North Bound on ramp.- Company 53 responds to 3three vehicle accident. No entrapment with two injuries. Crews from Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 assist MTAC & Medic 53 with patients. Photos

01/15/06 - North Line Road - Engine 53-3 responds to a wires call with tree down. Photos

01/13/06 - I 476 SB @ MM 8.0 - Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 respond to two vehicle accident on interstate 476. Crew from Rescue53 & 53-2 assisted MTAC & Medic 53. Photos

Sproul & Williamsburg - 01/11/06 - Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 respond to two vehicle accident with fire in one of the vehicles. Crew from Rescue53 extinguished fire along with crew from 53-2. Photos

01-01-07 - Glen Spring Lane- Single family dwelling fire in bedroom. First engine on location crew made initial attack while crew from Snorkel53 provided ventilation.

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