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Hot Shots 2008s

10/14/2008 - Route #1 under I-476 overpass. - Three vehicle accident. One patient had confinement. Crews from Rescue53 remove windshield and patient extricated via windshield area all car. Remaining crew from Broomall & Springfield fire companies along with Marple & Springfield ambulance attend to other patients and secure vehicles. Photos

10/12/2008 - Paxon Hollow Road - One vehicle fatal accident into tree. Crew from Rescue53 & Marple Police secure seen until deceased could be removed from vehicle by medical examiner & crew from Rescue 53. Photos

09/23/2008 - West Chester Pike & Strathaven - Three vehicle accident. Crews from Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 secure vehicles and clean up scene. Photos

09/18/2008 - I-476 SB - Tractor Trailer fire. Crews Company 53 extinguish fire. Springfield Fire Company also assisted. ©Photos provided by Frank Wesnoski. Photos

08/19/2008 - Williamsburg & Jamestown - Vehicle into house with vehicle fire with exposure to the house. Crew from Engine 53-2 started initial fire attack on vehicle & house. Mutual help from the following fire companies to assist in fire attack & overhaul. Springfield Swarthmore, Newtown Square, South Media, Rose Tree, Media, Bon Air & Chester Township Canteen. Radnor & Berwyn Fire companies stand cover at Station #53 Photos

08/18/2008 - S. Sproul Road & Marple Road - Building fire reported at Mr. Car Wash. Crew from Engine 53-2 make entry into car wash and started initial fire attack in office area. Mutual help from the following fire companies to assist in fire attack & overhaul. Springfield & Swarthmore. Photos

05/30/2008 - Marple Woods Drive - Building Fire. Crews from company 53 & Springfield 44 extinguish fire and perform overhaul. Photos

05/25/2008 - N. Sproul Road - Vehicle Fire. Crew from Engine 53-3 extinguish fire. Photos

05/18/2008 - S. Sproul Road @ Don Guanella - Two vehicle accident. Crews from Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 assist EMS with patient care and secure vehicles and clean up. Crew from engine 53-3 did a search of the vehicle and extinguished the blaze. Photos

05/14/2008 - Cambridge Rd - Building Fire - Fire started with saw dust remains in trash bag. Crew from 53-2 extinguish small fire with PW & booster line. Crews from Snorkel 53 provided ventilation & over haul. Photos

04-25-08 - I-476 NB @MM 11.9, Car versus tracker trailer. Company 53 along with company 15 (Radnor) assist EMS & Medics form Marple Ambulance Corps. & Radnor fire company. Two PennStar helicopters land on I-476 to transport patients to hospital. Photos

04-03-08 - Lawrence Park Shopping Center, Mailbox fire. Crew from engine 53-2 extinguished with dry chemical fire extinguisher. Representative from postal service arrived to open mailbox and take the contents, Photos

04-02-08 -I-476 SB @ MM 10.2, Dump truck slams into sound barrier causing debris all over the highway and Darby Road below I-476. Crews from engine company help clear debris from highway along with Penndot. Photos

03-30-08 - Brush file on Old Cedar Grove road. Home owner burning old checks & other papers which ignited grass fire in rear yard of dwelling. Crews from Engines 53-2 & 53-3 extinguish fire. Photos

01-18-08 - Deerfield - Building fire in basement of dwelling. Marple Township Police report electrical panel on fire . Engine 53-2 crew advanced hose line through front door to basement for initial fire attack and knock down. Crew from Snorkel53 followed behind engine crew who perform ventilation along the way. Engine 53-3 & Rescue53 also on location to assist. Springfield Fire Company #44 responded to provide RIT(Rapid Intervention Team). Marple Township Ambulance also on location. Photos

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