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Hot Shots 2009s

10/28/2009 - Brookside, Newtown Square, PA. Broomall Fire Company assist Newtown Square Fire company with building fire. Photos

10/16/2009 - Sproul Road & Kirk - Vehicle Fire - Crew from Engine 53-2 extinquish fire. Photos

10/14/2009 - Woodland Ave, Springfield, PA. Broomall Fire Company assist Springfield Fire Company with two vehicle accident with entrapment. Photos

09/21/2009 - 1991 S. Sproul Road at Lawrence Park Shopping Center - 3 vehicle accident with minor confinement. Crew from Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 control fluids and stabilize vehicles. Photos

09/15/2009 - Broomall Fire Company assist Newtown Square Fire Company on building fire. Photos

09/02/2009 - Lindbergh - Building fire - Crew from engine 53 -2 attack laundry room fire. Photos

05/27/2009 - I476 NB -MM 10.2 - One vehicle roll over. Vehicle traveling south bound and ended up in North bound lane. One person trapped in vehicle. Crew from Rescue53 stabilize vehicle to prepare for patient extrication. Hydraulic rescue tools used to gain entry to vehicle. Assisting Broomall Fire Co. was Radnor Fire Co. along with Marple township ambulance corps. Photos

04/18/2009 - Spring Circle - House file- Crew from 53-2 make forcible entry on vacant home and attack attic fire. Assistance from Newtown Square fire company and Rose Tree fire company for RIT team. Fire knocked down quickly by crew from 53-2. Photos

04/1/2009- 400 S. State Road - Vehicle Fire - Crews arrived to find a taxi cab well involved. The driver of the vehicle could not be found . Crew from engine 53-3 did a search of the vehicle and extinguished the blaze. Photos

03/14/2009 - New Ardmore & Rhonda - Vehicle Fire - Crew from Engine 53-2 pull bumper line to extinguish engine compartment fire. Photos

02/12/2009 - Marple Road & Anthony - Run away home fuel delivery truck rolls backwards before hitting lawns and flipping on it's side. Crews from Rescue53 contain small fuel leak until oil truck can be uprighted by heavy tow operators provided by Dean Keyes & Twin Oaks Towing. 53-9 contacted Delaware County for HAZMAT response team. Oil truck was carrying approximately 2000 gallons of home fuel oil. Photos

01/28/2009 - N. Sproul Road & Kent - Minivan over turns on side with one patient confined. Crews from Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 stabilizes vehicle to prepare for patient extrication. Options to remove patient via windshield and rear of vehicle failed. Crews flapped roof of minivan to remove patient who was transported via Marple Ambulance Corps. Photos

01/09/2009 - I476 NB - MM 11.3 - One vehicle accident. Crews from Broomall & Radnor fire companies secure vehicle and checked for hazards and assist EMS to remove patient from vehicle. Patient was transported by PennStar. Photos

01/06/2009 -S. Sproul Road & Williamsburg - Two vehicle accident. Crews from Rescue53 & Engine 53-2 and control fluid leaks and assist EMS with patient care. Photos

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